A few words about myself

I was born in 1942, and my first interest in trucks, was founded in my early childhood, when goods were transported to and from my home, which was a farm in Denmark.
I´ve been a trucker for several years, as a haulier as well as a driver, and both domestic and foreign trade.
In the last 20 years I´ve been a warehouse leader in a big danish company, were many trucks from all Europe make a lot of traffic, so I can still look at trucks and talk with drivers.
I hope you´ll find this site usefull, have a nice time here.

Magirus Deutz FLT230 februar 1974, Svinesund Magirus-Deutz FL230, Ølstykke, august 1974 Volvo F88, juli 1976 Scania LS 85, okt. 1977, Uggeløse

Trucks from my past.


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