The History of LIAZ

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The abbreviation LIAZ means Liberecke Automobilove Zavody, it was a czech
truck manufacturer.
There was a car production in Liberec since 1906, when Reichenberger Automobil Fabrik, RAF, started manufacturing of cars, trucks and coaches. During the first world war RAF joined together with Laurin & Klement from Mladá Boleslav (todays Škoda) and the car division of Škoda in Pilsen. They produced trucks and parts for cars untill the second world war started.
After the second world war was the activities were taken over by the state, and in 1951 a truck production was started up, at factories in Rýnovice, Jablonec nad Nisou and Ministovy Hradiste.
The new era started officially, when the new LIAZ company , was established in Jablonec nad Nisou at 1.1.1953.
The trade name LIAZ was used from 1974.
The production range expanded to trailors, heavy tractors, trailor tractors, platform trucks and engines. The Liaz company expanded, with factories in Mělník, Zvolen (Slovakia), Velký Krtíš (Slovakia), Poerov and Holýšov. In the 1989 Liaz produced 18 000 vehicles and 23 000 engines. LIAZ became one of the biggest vehicle manufacturers in Czechoslovakia.
But the dramatic political changes in eastern Europe after 1989 made changes in short time.
At 1.5.1992 Liaz privatization began, and in august 1995 Škoda Pilsen bought 52,4 % share of stocks. The company´s name changed to Škoda Liaz a.s.
But the economic condition of the company was much more difficult. The new product - Škoda Liaz Xena - coudln´t help, the competition was too hard. The last model, Fox, was a tipper, an ideal vehicle, but it came too late.
Since august 1998 all the vehicles have been named Škoda. In 1998 a new manager was elected who was the 6th one during the past 8 years. In 1998 the production was only 309 trucks, in 1999 only 133.
In .2000 Sipox Holding from Slovakia became the new owner of Liaz. New name of the company was Liaz Sipox a.s. .
The very last Liaz truck was made on 1.9.2003.

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